Jim Clyburn Recognizes Bernie Sanders' Part In Civil Rights Movement, Still Supports Hillary


South Carolina Congressman Jim Clyburn explains why he is backing Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.

"I just think Hillary Clinton is best equipped," he explains. "With her four years as Secretary of State, teaches all you need to know about foreign affairs, eight years of serving in the First Lady, serving in the Senate."

WILLIE GESIT: John Lewis said he never saw Bernie Sanders out there on the front lines of the civil rights movement, perhaps Bernie has exaggerated his role in the civil rights movement.

Do you believe that Bernie Sanders throughout the course of his life has been committed to civil rights?

REP. JIM CLYBURN: Yes I do, but let me tell you something... My father was a fundamentalist minister, when we were out there on the streets, a lot of people would come to church on Sunday and say, "Son, we are praying for you," those prayers meant something, they... showed the kind of support we needed.

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