David Brooks: "Of Course" Republicans Should Consider Obama's Supreme Court Nominee, "He Is The President"


(relevant portion begins at 10:55)

JUDY WOODRUFF: I think you could see that as they were standing there today at the Supreme Court.

There may not have been disagreements that way, but there certainly are disagreements politically, David, over what’s going to happen now. The president says he’s going to nominate someone. The Senate Republican leadership is saying, well, we’re not going to confirm them. We may not even consider.

DAVID BROOKS: Yes. Well, of course they should consider. He is president. And the Constitution says the president nominates, and the Constitution is there to put rules around our struggles for power.

John Marshall was nominated by John Adams, like, after the election had already happened. And so I think it’s totally fair. And the Republicans are going to probably get away with not doing anything.

And, to me, what it will do — and I don’t know the effect of this — it will polarize the bases. It will create more conflict. It will elevate the social issues on the Republican side. It will elevate campaign finance on the Democratic side. And so it will probably have a polarizing effect on the election.

If the candidacies are strong, it would probably help a Cruz and a Sanders because of the issues that would get elevated.

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