Chuck Todd: After Nevada Victory, "Air Of Inevitability Is Now Back With Hillary Clinton"


MSNBC analyst Chuck Todd comments on the results of the Democratic caucus in Nevada.

CHUCK TODD, MSNBC: [Victory in Nevada] is a big turning point. You can call it a sigh of relief, whatever you want to call it.

This is a big deal, her narrowly eeking out a win, no matter the size. With Sanders, this was his best shot at puncturing the balloon that he can't win in diverse states.

On the one hand, he's made a ton of progress, he's made this close. It's possible that the entrance polls are right and Clinton wins. In a caucus, it's not your total turnout. It's where do you have the distribution based on delegates. Sanders could have more people showing up to a caucus site that's worth more delegates than Hillary Clinton does at another caucus site.

That's why entrance polls are fraught with peril than the actual vote. Both things could be correct, is my point on this. Obviously she did much better with hispanics than the entrance poll shows. But that's how both things could be right. Let's throw that aside.

This win is hugely important to her because she can now run the score. Now Sanders still has to go win someplace with a diverse electorate in a primary situation to sort of puncture this air of inevitability, which is now back with Hillary Clinton.

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