Joe Klein Says Trump Is Like "Caligula" With A "Lizard Brain," Joe Scarborough Declares Outbreak Of "Trump Derangement Syndrome"


During a feisty debate about the nature of the Trump candidacy, TIME Magazine columnist Joe Klein says Trump is a know-nothing who uses his lower brain functions to hurt other people for his own enjoyment.

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough objects, saying Donald Trump is not stupid, and not evil.

"He has a very, very highly developed Lizard Brain," Klein said. "He has a feral intelligence. He reminds me of the Emperor Caligula who got his greatest pleasure from destroying his opponents and humiliating them, and he is brilliant at that. But he doesn't know anything about policy, Joe."

Scarborough's response: "That's your answer? That is your answer? so we have moved from Bush Derangement Syndrome to Obama Derangement Syndrome? Is there a doctor in the house? We have the first recorded instance of "Trump Derangement Syndrome."

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Joe Klein, "Time" magazine, do you think the people in New Hampshire that voted for him are that stupid? Do you think the people in South Carolina that are giving him a 10 or 15-point lead are that stupid?

JOE KLEIN, TIME MAGAZINE: I think that they are voting on something else.

SCARBOROUGH: Their stupidity or what? Something else their stupidity?


MIKA: Their lizard brains?

SCARBOROUGH: Do they have lizard brains, too?

KLEIN: I think what they're doing is they're thumbing their nose at the establishment.

SCARBOROUGH: Do you think Bernie Sanders voters have lizard brains?

KLEIN: I didn't say that trump voters had lizard brains.

SCARBOROUGH: You actually did.

KLEIN: I said that Trump had a feral intelligence that doesn't come from the frontal cortex.

SCARBOROUGH: So what happened the people voting for him? Are they stupid or just duped? What's their malady, Joe Klein, with "Time" Magazine?

KLEIN: I think that we have a citizenship deficit in this country where people don't look at the issues. They do not study them at all and I think that they are more -- the American people are more comfortable with reality TV than with reality.

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