Illegal Immigrant Campaigning For Sanders: Need Bernie "In Order For Me to Get Ahead"


In an MSNBC segment titled "DREAMers On the Campaign Trail" a network correspondent talks to an illegal immigrant to explain what it's like to be "undocumented on the trail."

Liz Hernandez, a Sanders campaign volunteer in Las Vegas, says even though she cannot legally vote she is volunteering for the candidate in an effort to get her friends and people she knows to vote for the Democratic presidential hopeful. Hernandez says she wants to remind people Sanders needs to be president "in order for me to get ahead.

"Getting my friends to get out and caucus," Hernandez explained her reasoning. "Remind them and remind them. They know in order for me to get ahead, this is really important for me and my family."

According to the report, Hernandez crossed the border illegally at age in 10 in 2000.

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