Cruz on Trump's Lawsuit: "I Practiced Law For 20 Years," Trump's Letter Was "The Most Ridiculous I've Ever Seen"


During CNN's GOP town hall on Wednesday night, Sen. Ted Cruz responds to Donald Trump's recent threat to file a lawsuit over an ad the Cruz campaign is running.

COOPER: You got a cease and desist letter today from Donald Trump. I don't think I've ever heard of that actually happening in a race. One of many firsts that we've seen.

What did you think when you actually got the letter?

CRUZ: I'll confess, I laughed. This has not been a typical race by any sense and I don't think anyone is surprised that Donald is threatening to sue people. He's done that most of his adult life.

But this letter really was – look, I've practiced of 20 years and this letter really pressed the bounds of the frivolous and ridiculous letters I've ever seen. He was upset about an ad that we're running on T.V. The ad talks about the vacancy of the Supreme Court and that we've got issues such as life, and marriage, and religious liberty, and the 2nd amendment that are in the ballots.

COOPER: And it uses an old interview from Tim Russert back in the late 90's?

CRUZ: It plays Donald Trump doing an interview Time Russert where he explains in his own words, he says," he's very very pro-choice, he supports partial birth abortion -" and he says, "he's pro-choice in every respect." But most of the words in the ad are his own words on national television...CRUZ: ... I'm doing an interview with Tim Russert where he explains in his own words, he says he's very, very pro-choice, he support partial birth abortion, and he says he's pro-choice in every respect. But, most of the words in the ad are his own words on national television, and his argument in the letter is running his own words, was defamation.
COOPER: He says, though, you're misrepresenting his current position, that he has evolved - pro life...

CRUZ: ... It is quite literally the most ridiculous theory I've ever heard, that telling the voters what Donald Trumps actual record is is deceitful and lying...

COOPER: ... Do you...

CRUZ: ... And, listen, I said this morning - held a press conference where I read his letter to everyone, and I invited Mr. Trump. I said, please, Donald. File this lawsuit.

COOPER: You want to depose him?

CRUZ: And, you know why? Well, that's part of it, is that in any defamation case truth is a complete defense, and so his lawyer said he said that saying he's pro-choice, which actually we don't say he's pro-choice. Donald says he's pro-choice in every respect.

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