Laura Ingraham: Trump Thinks The Only Way To Win Is To "Settle The Score On Bushism, On Globalism"


George Will, Laura Ingraham and David Gregory discuss Donald Trump's attacks on the Bush legacy.

LAURA INGRAHAM: Trump has made a calculation that the only way to win this is to do what they did in the opening scene [sic] of The Godfather -- take out the other families. In the revolving door, in the phone booth, at the altar, so he has decided, I guess, the only way to do it is to really settle the score on Bushism, on globalism, trade, the war... I guess he's banking on the fact that there is not that much affection for the policies of the Bushes, but still a lot of affection maybe for the people... it is a risky strategy in South Carolina, could it pay off, we'll see...

But I think the debate about these policies was a healthy one for the Republican Party to have.

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