Krauthammer: If Anti-Trump Vote Consolidates, He Will Lose; As Long As Vote Is Split, He'll Win Nomination


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: We were talking about the polls. How disparate they are. But the one thing they agree on is that if you take Trump against the field, the field win. And that's why I thought the numbers you just showed of a hypothetical one-on-one of Cruz against the Trump, Rubio against Trump with a 16-point lead.

That tells you what we have been saying which is so obvious for the last six months that the problem in this race is not necessary that there is a wholesale majority revolt of Trumpites against the Washington establishment. What there is is a significant plurality.

But the reason he is way ahead and the reason it looks like a wholesale revolt is because the anti-Trump vote is so split. If it consolidates, it would beat him. The problem is it has not consolidated and the vote remains split. It may never consolidate and Trump will win the nomination.

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