Coulter: "Partial Blame" For Bush For 9/11


Ann Coulter discusses Donald Trump's charge that the Bush administration lied about the WMD in Iraq, and what coming to terms with the Bush legacy will mean for the future of the Republican Party.

ANN COULTER: What he said specifically about Bush lying about the wepaons of mass destruction, yeah that made my head explode, but whether it is Bush's fault or Obama's fault for pulling out every last troop, as I believe, but I think going forward, most Americans agree, enough with the foreign wars, it didn't work, it's not working now, whether it is Bush's fault or Obama's fault.

You watch these Republican debates, and half the debate it Republicans talking about the Quds and the Kurds, can we get back to America?

Coulter explains how Donald Trump is reaching the base of the Republican party

CHRIS MATTHEWS: People don't have a great feeling about the war in Iraq, we lost a lot of people, a lot dismembered over there, changed for life for the worse, we're still talking about the veterans because of how badly they went home... and the rich and elite are saying that doesn't bother me, why should it.

I think people are mad about the trade deal, they are mad about illegal immigration, they are mad about these deployments...

COULTER: Yes, I think on three positions, trade, immigration, and foreign wars, Trump is illustrating how the Republican party and the establishment has been forcing Republicans, the entire GOP into taking sucidal positions that is not where the American people are.

And I have to say, I think Trump is on much firmer ground and making an important point, although not as well this time as he has in the past, about Bush being president when the 9/11 attack occurred.

One year before the attack, in a debate with Al Gore, George Bush specifically raised the issue of profiling of Arabs at airport security. One year later the ticket agent who took Mohammed Atta's ticket said he got "chills to the bone." he gave it to him and gave himself a politically correct mental slap.

Trump has said in the past, the reason 9/11 wouldn't have happened if I was president is, those 19 hijackers wouldn't have been here. He's not enforcing politically correct rules.

And then Bush went on to promote amnesty... and Republicans were wiped out in 2006 because Americans don't want amnesty.

Keeping the borders open, political correcness, and specifically, no racial profiling of Arabs at airports, yeah actually, I think maybe you can say there is partial blame for George Bush.

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