Former Trump 'Apprentice' Omarosa Manigault Brings Up Fox Business Channel Contributor's "Big Boobs"


A panel discussion about Donald Trump and the Bush administation's handling of the 9/11 attacks on Fox Business Channel's Mornings With Maria went off the rails when Trump supporter and former Apprentice Omarosa Manigault invoked FBN contributor Tamara Holder's "big boobs."

The segment began to fall apart when Omarosa corrected anchor Maria Bartiromo for mispronouncing her name. “My name is Oh-marosa. Oh-marosa,” she insisted.

The next blow came when Omarosa mispronounced Tamara Holder's name -- a slight the Fox Business contributor couldn't let go. "Tah-mara. It’s Tah-mara," she told Omarosa.

Omarosa immediately shot back, Trump style: "It’s the same difference. You want to come on with big boobs, then you deal with the pronunciation of your name. Look. Donald Trump stands firm on what his position is about us going into Iraq —"

MARIA BARTIROMO: Wait a second! Why are you bringing up Tamara’s boobs? I don’t understand why you brought up Tamara’s boobs?

OMAROSA MANIGAULT: She was talking about, oh you were a Democrat and you supported Hillary Clinton. If you want to get personal we can get personal!

TAMARA HOLDER: Wait, how does who you supported have to do with my boobs?

OMAROSA: I'm sorry, I should have called you a boob. But let's focus back on Donald Trump...

Of course I'm going to support Donald Trump.

TAMARA HOLDER: But you previously said you supported Hillary Clinton, I just want to know when you changed sides.

Like I said, I actually like Donald Trump--

There's no question that before I entered this race I was tumping for Hillary, if you had bothered to do your research, you would know that.

Have I been a surrogate to Donald Trump, and a loyal friend to him? I have never waivered from being a Democrat for the last twnety years, but there are tons of Democrats supporting Donald Trump.

Omarosa was a contestant on the first season of the Apprentice.

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