Krauthammer: If Trump Can Get Away With Bush 9/11 Attack Then "He Really Is Teflon Don"


Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer says if Donald Trump can get away with his attack on George W. Bush and national safety under his watch at Saturday's Republican debate then he is truly "Teflon Don."

KRAUTHAMMER: This is a very high stakes gamble for a guy who has got a 10 or 20 point lead in the state that would send him on the way to the nomination or make him the favorite if he wins by something like that margin. He didn't have to gamble. This makes you wonder whether it's a calculation or was it just a reaction in the debate where it got the best of him? With Trump, you never know, although he has cleverly taken risks in the past and never been injured by it.

Maybe he figures if Jeb is putting everything on his relationship with his brother on the family and he attacks him head on, this could be a place where he takes him down and stays the run away front run are. It's a gamble.

I mean, when you begin to sound like Michael Moore, you are praised by Code Pink openly, and you are saying things that even leading Democrats will not say, that you deliberately led us into war, knowing it was a lie, that's pretty extreme. If he gets away with that, without some diminishment of his support, that means he really is Teflon Don.

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