Trump: Cruz "Very Unstable," "I Have Never Met A Person That Lies More Than Ted Cruz"


Speaking to the press in Hanahan, SC, Donald Trump savages fellow Republican candidate for president Ted Cruz, saying he is "a very unstable person" and "desperate."

"I have never, ever met a person that lies more than Ted Cruz," Trump continued. "I have never, ever seen anything like it."

QUESTION: Mr. Trump, your comments about George W. Bush and 9/11, Ted Cruz said today that was like Michael Moore, and says that you're more on the left.

DONALD TRUMP: Ted Cruz is desperate, look, I think Ted's a very unstable guy...

I must tell you one thing about Ted Cruz that I can say, only to a minor extent, for comparison to the other politicians, I haven't been doing this long, I've been in it since June 16, but I will tell you, I have never, ever met a person that lies more than Ted Cruz. I have never ever seen anything like it.

He did it with Ben Carson.

He did it with the "voter violation fraud" deal that he did -- that was a fraud.

His voter violation form, which you guys [in the media] didn't really pick up. It was interesting, you picked up the Ben Carosn thing very much, where he told people Ben Carson... had left the race, he was out of the race... come vote for Ted Cruz, which actually had an impact on me. Because it probably would have been a victory for Trump, but it doesn't matter.

But the thing you didn't pick up on was the voter violation fraud that he did. That was a fraud that he committed. But I've never seen anybody that lied as much as Ted Cruz, and he goes around saying he's a Christian, you're going to have to look into that.

QUESTION: You said today you think [Cruz] is "unstable." What do you mean?

I think he's an unstable person. I watch him, I see him. He's a good debater but he can't talk.

TRUMP: He's a very unstable person, that's just my opinion.

QUESTION: Too unstable to be president?


Trump also calls Cruz a "basketcase."

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