Hillary: Rubio "Twisting Himself Into Pretzels" Trying To Blame 9/11 On Bill Clinton


In an interview with MSNBC's Chris Matthews, Hillary Clinton says Marco Rubio is "twisting himself into pretzels," when he blames Bill Clinton for failing to stop 9/11.

CHRIS MATTHEWS, HARDBALL: One last question. Let me ask you about this other Rubio charge. He said that President Clinton, Bill Clinton, was responsible for 9/11. Did you know his logic – be honest, he has a logic --

HILLARY CLINTON: Yeah, yeah --

MATTHEWS: -- because the president had the chance to kill Saddam Hussein – not Saddam Hussein but Bin Laden --

CLINTON: Bin Laden, yeah.

MATTHEWS: -- and he didn’t do it.

CLINTON: And as you – as you remember, you know, yes. There was an effort to kill him. Based on the intelligence that was available, missiles (INAUDIBLE) was thought to be a training camp. So it wasn’t like there wasn’t an effort. The original group that was set up to monitor and go after al Qaeda and Bin Laden dates to those years.

So again – I see somebody like Senator Rubio just twisting himself into pretzels, trying to appeal to the, you know, the base of his party. To try to say things that have no – no common sense or merit to them. You know, he has to run his campaign, but you know, it’s kind of a sad commentary.

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