Kasich: US Needs to Stay Out of Mideast Civil Wars; Only Go to Syria to Destroy ISIS, Not to Depose Assad


CHUCK TODD: Let me to point to something. There was something last night you said at the debate. You said you didn't think we should have gone into Iraq if there weren't any weapons of mass destruction.


CHUCK TODD: But you also said we should not get embroiled in civil wars overseas.

GOV. JOHN KASICH: That's right.

CHUCK TODD: Well, we've done it before--


CHUCK TODD: We did it with Bosnia. Was that the right call? And we did it with Lebanon.

GOV. JOHN KASICH: Chuck, let me tell you. You know how I voted on Lebanon?

CHUCK TODD: --Libya?

GOV. JOHN KASICH: Libya was a terrible mistake. You know, frankly, that's something that people ought to be thinking about in regard to Hillary. You know, they talk about Benghazi, which is very legitimate. Of course it is. But we should never have deposed Gaddafi. That was a terrible mistake.

The guy was working with us. And now, we've created chaos in that country. Look, I was not in favor of U.S. troops in Lebanon. And I voted against it. Even when Reagan wanted them there. Tip O'Neill wanted them there. Then when they got blown up, Tip was out blaming Reagan. And I never forget it. You know, since the 6th century, Sunni and Shia have been fighting. And we want to get in the middle of that--

CHUCK TODD: So you would stay out of Syria--

GOV. JOHN KASICH: It makes no sense.

CHUCK TODD: You'd stay out of Syria?

GOV. JOHN KASICH: I would only go to Syria to destroy ISIS. I would not use U.S. troops to depose Assad. But I would support the rebels there. It's okay to support those people who share your view. But for the United States to be embroiled in a civil war in Syria against Assad I think is a big mistake.

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