Rendell: Hillary Will Win Superdelegates, "Bernie Would Have to Win A Significant Majority Of Elected Delegates"


Clinton loyalist Ed Rendell tells NBC's Andrea Mitchell that Hillary Clinton is cleaning up with superdelegates which means Bernie Sanders "would have to win a significant majority of the elected delegates."

"I think because of the superdelegates who cast their vote based on electability have serious doubts whether Bernie Sanders could be electable once the GOP starts campaigning against him and putting ads against him. I think Hillary's going to do very well with super delegates. That means Bernie would have to win a significant majority of the elected delegates," Rendell, the former governor of Pennsylvania, said Thursday.

"[Sanders supporters are] complaining about the results from New Hampshire because he beat her, he crushed her by 22 points and yet ended up with 15 delegates a piece. How fair is that system?" Mitchell pressed Rendell.

"It's the same system that nominated Barack Obama," Rendell responded.

Sen. Harry Reid also defended the superdelegate system and said Iowa and New Hampshire are too white and don't have enough diversity to decide the future of the country.

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