Ben Jealous Endorses Sanders: Hillary's Record On Crime A "Violation Of Psychology"


Ben Jealous, former president and CEO of the NAACP, talks with Rachel Maddow about the distinctions between Senator Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as presidential candidates, and why he endorses Sanders.

BEN JEALOUS: In 2016 she supports the death penalty.

I'm willing to say, let's not hold any of her husband's bills against her, we're talking about her own actions.

Her own words

This is a woman who starts off supporting Barry Goldwater, fine that's her parents, and then she supported the Black Panther Party.

Bernie in college was going to jail with the Congress of Racial equality.

In the 80s, she chaired the Childrens Defense Fund, but then in the 90s, the CDF came out with the "Super Predator" theory which said there were some kids who were so sociopathic by age six months that they were beyond redemtption.

It is not just a violation of psychology it is a violation of theology.

And it was not used against young white men in Columbine, it was almost always used to explain the actions of young urban black men...

I can't explain it. It confounds me...

It comes down to the trio that MLK refered to as the triplets of evil: racism, militarism, and greed.

Bernie Sanders has been very consistent in fighting racism, in fighting stupid wars, Vietnam or Iraq, he has been very consistent in fighting greed.

When you take those with Hillary, it just gets confusing, confusing.

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