Katrina Pierson on 'Pussy' Incident: "Trump Has Single-Handedly Brought Back Freedom Of Speech"


Trump national campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson reacts to Donald Trump repeating what a New Hampshire rally-goer said about Ted Cruz. A woman in an audience at a Monday night campaign event yelled out Cruz is a "pussy." Trump repeated the woman's remarks so the entire audience could hear.

JOHN BERMAN, CNN: Is there anything that Donald Trump has ever said -- as an observer, have you ever said, 'I wish he hadn't have said that.' Thinking about last night at the rally here, he said the comment that a lot of people are talking about. Has he ever said anything that you thought maybe would have been better -- no?

KATRINA PIERSON, TRUMP CAMPAIGN SPOKESWOMAN: I think that if we are looking politically at the conditioning of the voters, maybe yes. But my personal response is absolutely not. We have a full-blown assault on the First Amendment. Donald Trump has single-handedly brought back freedom of speech.

And, yes, he did repeat what a voter said. But at the same time this is the live free or die state. This is where your rights are really important to you as an individual. And the fact that Donald Trump is out there saying what he thinks and means is important. He's not controlled. He's not polling. He's not testing messages like so many other candidates are. He's just being himself with voters.

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