Rubio Doubles Down On "Scripted" Responses: "It's What I Believe"


George Stephanopoulos presses Marco Rubio about his talked-about performance at last night's debate in New Hampshire. Rubio says he is confident that his spat with N.J. Gov. Chris Christie about canned '25-second soundbite answers' will not hurt him among N.H. voters.

MARCO RUBIO: We raised more money in the first hour of that debate than in any other debate.

As far as that message [that the president is intentionally sabotaging America], I'm going to keep saying it because it is true!

Has he hired incompetant people to implement laws and run agencies, absolutely, but in terms of what he wants to do to America, it is part of a plan.

I'm gonna keep saying that, because not only is it the truth, it is part of our campaign.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: But Chris Christie called you out for repeating that, he said there you go again, almost, that was not a good moment for you was it?

RUBIO: It is what I believe and it is what I am going to continue to say because it is one of the reasons I am running.

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