Molly Ball: Young Liberal Women "Think Bernie Is The Better Feminist," "Hillary Is Only There Because Of Her Husband"


The Atlantic columnist Molly Ball makes an obsevation about the female counterparts of the Bernie Bros: the Bernie feminists.

"Bernie's supporters are much more personal against Hillary Clinton than he is," she says. "We've talked to supporters -- these young women that you meet at Bernie Sanders rallies. It is a really interesting phenomenon where, there is this really strong feminist consciousness in young liberal women on college campuses."

"I went to a Bernie Sanders rally on a college campus here in New Hampshire yesterday, and these women all say, I'm a feminist, I'm concerned about rape culture, I share all these liberal feminist views, and I think Bernie is the better feminist in the race."

"They look at Hillary, I had one young woman say to me she thinks Hillary is only there because of here husband, and I want a strong independent woman [in the White House]. so there's a real scorching attitude against Hillary Clinton."

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