Clinton: Flip-Flop On Bankruptcy Bill "Had Nothing To Do With Money," "It Was About Protecting Women"


Hillary Clinton responds to the charge from Sen. Elizabeth Warren that she "treats the bankers like they are a constituency," specifically her changing positon on a bankruptcy bill which failed in the late 90s and passed in 2005.

"When I got to the Senate in 2001, one of the first votes was on a version of the bankruptcy bill," she explained. "I was deluged by womens groups and childrens advocacy groups to do everything I could... So I did go to work on behalf of all of these womens' groups and childrens groups, and I got that bill changed."

"It had nothing to do wth money whatsoever," she contnued. "As the Sanders campagn has implied."

"It had to do with protecting women... So then years later, part of what Sen. Warren said... I faced a tough decision, I stood up for women... And then when the next bill came up in 2005, womens issues were taken care of, so then I was against the bill."

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: In her book, Senator Warren said the bill was essentially the same but Hillary Rodham Clinton was not. Big banks were part of her constituency. She wanted their support, they wanted hers. Including the part --

HILLARY CLINTON: George, look. I have the greatest -- I have the greatest respect for Senator Warren. As I said, we did work together. I faced a choice. I could have said to the women who have been my advocates for 30 years, I'm sorry. I'm now in the senate. But you know, I can't help you.

Nobody else was helping them. They were desperate to get help. They were afraid child support would be below credit card debt. They were going to be left out and left behind and badly damaged. I could have said, I can't do that. Because somebody in ten years might say that something else was going on. That's not the way I work. They came to me... I went to the floor. I lobbied to get it changed. And, as part of getting the change from both Democrats and Republicans, who were leading that legislation, they said if we change the bill at the last minute to take account of the issues you're raising, about women and children, which they clearly had not made a priority before I showed up, then, you know, you have to say you'll vote for it.

It was, look, that's what you have to do. I swallowed hard. I said okay. It was also the case, it didn't get passed. I got what I needed into the bill. It stayed in the bill, even in a bad version that I opposed in 2005. Thank you for the opportunity to set the record straight.

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