Sanders Targets Clinton on "Perpetual War" And Iraq: "I Was Right, Hillary Was Wrong"


Bernie Sanders responds to Hillary Clinton criticism that he is not experienced enough in diplomacy to be president. "That is what she said about Barack Obama in 2008," Sanders replies. "And it turned out not to be true."

"I am impressed by the quality of his foreign policy," Sanders said -- the polar opposite position from GOP rival Marco Rubio, who spent last night's debate repeating the accusation that the president is intentionally trying to diminish America.

"I'mimpressed by [Obama's] position on the most important foreign policy issue in recent history -- the war in Iraq," Sanders explained. "I voted against the war, I led the opposition against the war... Much of what I feared would happen, in fact did happen."

"Secretary Clinton in fact voted for the war," Sanders continued. "So I think it is not just experience, obviously she's been Secretary of State... but it is judgement as well."

"I am confident I can put together a strong team to provide great foreign policy for the people of the U.S."

Sanders called host John Dickerson's assertion that he is "not strong" on foreign policy a "media narrative," and said: "I don't accept that media narrative."

"Again, on the most important issue of our time, I was right, Hillary Clinton was wrong. This is the same argument made against Barack Obama in 2008."

"We've got to learn the lessons of Iraq, and that is that the United States of America can not do it alone, we have to work in coalitions with major countries andmuslim countries whose troops will be on the ground. My major concern with the situation in the middle east is to make certain that the U.S. does not get involved in perpetual warfare int he quagmire of Iraq and Syria and Afghanistan."

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