Krauthammer: Rubio's Performance at New Hampshire Debate "Going To Hurt" Him


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Bush had the best night. Had a good night presenting his own case, but also he nailed Trump on the eminent domain. And he took him on number one, and second, I think that he really landed a blow. Although, as always, he didn't quite have the knockout in the end. The third was of course, Christie with that electric moment, and you know, the one with there it , and that reminded me of President Reagan when he ran against Carter, and he had that electric moment in one debate where he said, there you go again, and the presidency election was over right there. And that is I think, it really hurt Rubio. I am not sure how much it helps Christie, but he did show himself rather well...

And of course, the moment that people are going to be remembering is Rubio. And it is important to point out, because he had a strong debate other than that, but unfortunately for Rubio that moment is the one that is going to be remembered...

I think that this is a moment when he could have really put away the field, and he has had a great momentum, and this is likely to put something of a brake on his momentum. Look, we were at a point where you were getting one establishment figure Tim Scott, the Senator from South Carolina endorsing him, and other governors who dropped out of the race endorsing him, and what he could have done is to start running the table, but this is going to hurt.

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