Trump on Cruz's "Trumpertantrum" Comment: "We Need A Strong Tone"; "Everybody Is So Politically Correct"


At a town hall event moderated by CNN's Anderson Cooper Thursday night, Donald Trump had fun learning Ted Cruz had coined the term "Trumpertantrum." Trump said he had just only heard the phrase for the first time and said he's "going to trademark it before [Cruz] does."

"One more on Ted Cruz. He did say that you had a Trumpertantrum. Hd you ever heard that phrase before?" Cooper asked the presidential candidate.

"I haven't actually," Trump responded. I love that phrase. That's great. I love that phrase."

"I'm going to trademark that before he does," the candidate remarked.

Trump, responding to the 'tantrum' accusation, says he does not have them because you can't build a great business and great relationships like he has. Trump said he does not have tantrums because you can not "build great businesses and great relationships with tantrums."

"We need a strong tone nowadays," Trump said on CNN. "I don't have tantrums. You can't build great businesses and great relationships with tantrums. I remember when Hillary and Jeb Bush, Jeb spent like $100 million and he's nowhere and likes Common Core and is weak on immigration. Where is he coming and Hillary, the same day, they said Donald Trump's tone."

Trump did admit his tone is tough, but it's because he live in a mean, vicious world where "they're chopping off heads of Christians in the Middle East." Trump likened the criticism of his tone to the problem of political correctness.

"My tone is tough," Trump stated. "And I said they're chopping off heads of Christians in the Middle East. All over the Middle East. ISIS. They're doing all sorts of things that haven't happened and it doesn't seem like since Medieval times."

"And then you look at what's happening in this world. How mean, how vicious it's become. And I have these people saying Donald Trump's tone is tough. The problem we have is everybody is so politically correct that our country is going to hell. So we're going to turn it around and hopefully we're going to do a great job. I know we're going to do a great job," Trump said.

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