Karl Rove: Cruz Campaign Knew They Were Spreading False Information About Ben Carson


Fox News analyst Karl Rove explains the significance of charges that innaccurate information about Ben Carson transmitted on caucus night by the Cruz campaign campaign might have swayed the result of the Iowa GOP presidential caucus.

KARL ROVE: At 7:00pm [on the night of the Caucus], the Cruz campaign, Spence Roger, sent out a Tweet, "Press says that Carson is going to take a break."

He's going home and he has a "big announcement" later this week, so tell all the Carson people to caucus with Cruz. At 7:00pm.

You had Cruz's campaign spokesman Rick Tyler on, who defended this, saying we only used his own words. no where in Chris Moody's conversation with the Carson people does he say he is taking a break, and nowhere does it say he will have an announcement.

By 7:53, the Carson campaign sends out a thing saying we're staying in the race...

And at 8:20, the national chairman of the Cruz campaign, Steve King, sends out a tweet saying, "looks like Carson's getting out of the race."

They knew at that point, that was inaccurate.

They say Cruz in his intiial explanation said we were sending it "to our team," which meant staff members.

No, they sent this to nearly 1,500 precinct captains... Why does that matter? The gap between Trump and ted Cruz was 6,239 votes, there at 1,500 precincts. Do the math...

If that cost Carson 4 votes per precinct, then Cruz beats Trump.

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