Andrea Mitchell: Hard For Average Person To Believe Clinton Could Make That Much Money For Nothing In Return


NBC's Andrea Mitchell says Hill Clinton should release transcripts she gave to investment banks to reassure the public she was not talking about something that involves a conflict of interest. At Thursday's Democratic primary debate moderated by MSNBC, former Secretary of State Clinton said she would look into releasing the transcripts.

"It's very hard for the average working person to believe that someone could make that much money from a speech and that there is nothing given in return if it's someone who just left government," Mitchell said.

"She's been claiming all along that I'm invited to speak to these investment banks because they want to know my world view -- what do I think of Russia, what do I think of China, I'm a former Secretary of State and all former Secretaries of State have done this in recent decades. And if the transcripts shows that they were talking about something that involves a conflict of interest, I mean, I have no idea. But just to settle it, reassure the public that they are being brought inside these secret board rooms and they know what's going on," Mitchell said.

"For a candidate like Bernie Sanders if it turns out she's saying one thing to a crowd of Wall Street financiers and another thing on a debate stage that also presents a problem," NBC's Kasie Hunt said.

"I think it's a good idea. Don't look into it too long," Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta said in an interview with Chris Matthews following the debate.

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