Sanders on Clinton's Wall Street Speeches: "I Have A Real Problem" Earning $200,000 For An Hour's Work


JOE SCARBOROUGH: So, Senator, we've had an ongoing conversation this morning with Howard Dean. Somebody brought up the fact that a lot of college students might have resented the fact that Hillary Clinton got paid so much money for giving paid speeches at colleges, when they're fighting to pay back their loans.

And I want to ask you specifically, she made close to a $1 million or perhaps over a $1 million from speaking fees at colleges. Do you think it's wrong for her to go to places like UConn and also the University Of Buffalo, a college she once represented, and get paid $275,000 for a 45-minute speech?

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS: Joe, I've got a real problem with people, you know, receiving -- you know, for an hour's work to earn $200,000 plus dollars, I have a real problem with that.

But it's not just, you know, speaker's fees. I think what we're hearing from young people is a real disgust with the campaign finance system in which billionaires and Wall Street are putting in huge sums of money.

You may have read recently Secretary Clinton's super-PAC raised $25 million -- 15 million of that came from Wall Street. And what we're trying to do is do it in a very different way. Get small, individual contributions, averaging 27 bucks apiece. So, I think this whole thing of money and money in politics is something the American people are deeply concerned about.

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