Christie Slams Rubio: "The Boy Needs To Come Out Of His Bubble"


N.J. Gov. Chris Christie speaks with FNC's Neil Cavuto about his rival for the 2016 GOP nomination, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL).

CHRIS CHRISTIE: [Marco Rubio's] town hall meetings run on avergae 40-45 minutes.

Our town halls run two hours. We've answered over 1,100 questions, Sen. Rubio barely answers any.

He's like the king of England, he has press aides stand next to him and pre-select which reporters get to ask questions.

This is a guy who has been protected and coddling for his entire political career.

It's time for him to come out of his bubble -- For the boy to come out of his bubble.

He needs to get to work here in New Hampshire.

We've done three time as many events as he has done, and he hasn't worked as hard,
he didn't work hard here at all.

And so if he wants to earn peoples' votes, he needs to come out and earn their votes...

His 60-second memorized speeches, the ones we've heard over and over again for the last six years are getting a little stale and a little tired.

And Sen. Rubio needs to come up with some new material and needs to start answering questions.

The boy needs to come out of his bubble...

Sen. Cruz answers questions, Sen. Cruz gets into the scrub and answers questions, I don't agree with him all the time on his answers, but he does that.

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