Scarborough: Ted Cruz Knew Where To Look For Votes Like Obama in 2008, "Light Years Ahead Of The Field"


Joe Scarborough and the Morning Joe panel discuss how Ted Cruz won the Iowa caucus.

"I'm going to say something that might get some of the Obama people that ran that campaign who were friends of ours upset by comparing, but the only comparison I have ever seen to organization and a turn out operation like Ted Cruz's is Barack Obama," Scarborough observed.

"Here is a guy who knew where every vote was," Scarborough said of Cruz. "He got the hell beat out of him for two weeks. The momentum was behind him. He plummeted in the polls. The gold standard, the Des Moines Register plummeted in the polls."

"Ted Cruz changed the electorate, was light years ahead of the field in this turn out model," Scarborough said. "By the way, if you're waking up this morning you say, 'oh, all the polls suck.' No. This was about Ted Cruz knowing where every one of his votes were like nobody but Barack Obama in 2008."

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