Glenn Beck: Trump Supporters "Dehumanizing" Anyone Who Stands Against Them; May Inspire Violence


Glenn Beck responds to Donald Trump calling him a weird dude who is "always crying." Beck also said what he wrote on his famous chalkboard during his time at FOX News is "all beginning to happen," which he ties to Donald Trump and the potential for violence.

"When I was on FOX, we talked about a lot of things and I was mocked for a lot of things," Beck admitted. "I looked through some old political cartoons today mocking me on the things I had on the chalk board. It's all beginning to happen."

"You look at Trump supporters, and they're dehumanizing people," Beck declared. "Donald Trump is doing it. They're dehumanizing anybody that stands against them. They're fat, they're pigs, they're losers, they're cry babies, whatever they are. And he talks about women, as you know, it's even worse."

"When you dehumanize people, you head for massive, massive trouble. Where is the press speaking out about the dehumanization of people by Donald Trump? All we heard, all we heard about the tea party is, how this rhetoric is going to lead to violence. I'm telling you, when you dehumanize people, you are one step away from the jungle," Beck warned.

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