Bernie Sanders Gets Angry, Mocks Clinton Backer David Brock's "Long History Of Honesty And Integrity"


At a Bloomberg Politics Breakfast Briefing in Des Moines Thursday morning, Bernie Sanders shows a rare flash of anger after hearing rumors are being spread that his campaign is planning to bus in out-of-state students to swing the Iowa caucuses.

QUESTION: The Clinton people say that they are, in places like Ames, and Iowa City, they are very worried that out of state young people are going to try to show up to caucus, they're going to make a major effort to make sure that's not the case.

BERNIE SANDERS: Really? Is that what they're saying? You know I am, this is. You talk about negative stuff. Really? Based on what do they say that? Based on David Brock's long history of honest and integrity. The man who tried to destroy Anita Hill. IS that where this is coming from?

Everyone of you know, you know it, that every day you're being flooded by all this negative stuff from Sec. Clinton's super PAC. I haven't heard of that.

I don't want my integrity and honesty to be impuned. I have no idea who says this, that is a lie, and absolute lie.

We will win or lose, we do it honestly, and I really dislike people suggesting we're going to bring in students from out of state who are going to purjure themselves, and say they are from Iowa?

That's, talk about negative stuff, this is what...

Again, I don't think this is the Secretary, but you bring people like David Brock into your campaigns.

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