Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton Has "Taken Millions From Regimes In The Middle East That Treat Women Like Cattle"


Sen. Rand Paul responds to a question about whether Hillary Clinton can be an effective defender of women's rights, given her support for Bill Clinton.

MEGYN KELLY: You have suggested that former president Bill Clinton's history with women is fair game in this campaign, how do you answer those who say you don't hold the sins of the husband against the wife.

RAND PAUL: You know, I've never brought this up at all unless I have been asked about this, I don't blame Hillary Clinton at all for this...

But I do think that her position as promoting women's rights and promoting women in the workplace. If what Bill Clinton did any CEO in our country did with an intern, with a 22 year old intern in their office, they would be fired, they would never be hired again. And probably shunned in their community.

You can't be a champion of womens rights on the same time she's got... this type of behavior out there.

But I combine this also with the millions and millions of dollars they've taken from regimes in the middle east that treat women like cattle.

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