Halperin: Trump Willing To Take Risks, Anticipates and Thinks 10 Steps Ahead, Willing To Adjust


Bloomberg's Mark Halperin explains three things Trump's debate gambit proved on Friday's Morning Joe. Halperin said people think Trump "bumbles into stuff," when really he uses his media savviness to "anticipate what's going to happen."

"Here are three things that Trump showed in what he did with this debate gambit," Halperin began. "One is he's willing to take risks, no one else in the field takes as many risks as he does. Two, he thinks ten steps ahead. People think he bumbles into stuff. He anticipates what's going to happen, thinks it through, understands how other people will react."

"Finally he's willing to adjust," Halperin observed. "He's willing to think about watch how things go with incredible media staff and say I need to recalibrate this just a little bit. In those three areas there's no one in the field who is his equal. Every day he's doing those three things better than anybody else. That's what's going to make him hard to stop."

(via MSNBC)

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