Clinton Campaign's Finney On Using Iraq War Vote Against Hillary: "How Many Years Ago Was That?"


Clinton campaign spokeswoman Karen Finney appears on MSNBC to talk about negative campaigning and Bernie Sanders ramping up his rhetoric against Hillary on the campaign trail. Finney was questioned by MSNBC host Jose Diaz Balart if it really is negative campaigning if Sanders is pointing out the truth. Finney claimed "it's not the whole truth."

KAREN FINNEY, CLINTON CAMPAIGN SPOKESMAN: I'm thinking about this. She voted for the Iraq War, but I have to tell you, how many years ago was that?

JOSE DIAZ BALART, MSNBC: But we're still talking about. It's still a political position on both sides of the aisle.

FINNEY: She's put forward a plan to deal with ISIS, and she clearly has the experience that we need to deal with the threats that we're facing around the world. Again, folks are questioning. He wants to normalize relations with Iran. And to put Iranian soldiers with, you know, in Syria, right at Israel's doorstep. Then he kind of says I didn't say that. I guess my point is Senator Sanders has had a few evolutions of his own.

DIAZ-BALART: You're thinking he's not boringly consistent as he says he is.

FINNEY: Not so much, but this is what you're going to see--

DIAZ-BALART: It's part of the campaign.

FINNEY: I'll tell you what's different, though. What you're hearing Hillary Clinton talk about is the issues that matter to people. She is focused.

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