Stephen F. Hayes: Some Iowans Are Now Former Trump Supporters Because He Ditched Debate


On Thursday's edition of Special Report, Stephen F. Hayes of the Weekly Standard revealed he has met several Iowans who are now "former Trump supporters" because he decided not to participate in tonight's debate hosted by the FOX News Channel.

"I talked to a couple of Trump supporters who are now former Trump supporters," Hayes said. "Precisely because they thought that his sitting out this one in particular was a slap in the face of Iowans."

"I talked to one woman last night who was not a Trump supporter, she was going to caucus for Rubio or Cruz. She said, 'I take this very personally. We here in Iowa take our participation in the caucuses very seriously, very personally. And if he is not going to show up and doesn't treat this with the seriousness it deserves, given the fact that it is a contest to becoming the president of the United States, I may stay home,'" Hayes recalled.

"I don't know if that is representative of any broader Iowa population," Hayes acknowledged, "but if the question is, are some Iowans upset about it? Yeah, the answer is some Iowans are upset about it."

Co-panelist Ron Fournier said he has heard the exact opposite from Trump supporters he spoke to in Iowa.

"I talked to a lot of Trump supporters today. They said this is great. Let him do it. Let him stick it to the man," was the reaction Fournier said.

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