GOP Strategist Feehery: Skipping Debate Will Be Trump's "Undoing." Media Shouldn't Cover Event For Veterans


KATE SNOW, MSNBC: Will Trump's debate boycott have any impact on his presidential aspirations? Joining me now is John Feehery.... You have a new piece this week in which you argue that Donald Trump's decision to skip the Fox debate and avoid tough questions from Megyn Kelly will prove to be his undoing. That's my hope and my prediction. Really?

JOHN FEEHERY: It is important to have predictions out there, even if they prove to be false. I think Trump is making a huge mistake by boycotting the election. I think the media is going to make a big mistake if they cover his counter demonstration. I think it is bad for democracy. It is a circus but the circus will be with Donald Trump as major clown. I think that's a problem for him going down the road. If you look at this, he doesn't even know who to give the money to for veterans. No veteran's organization wants the money. I think this whole thing is problematic for Trump. If he is the only one not on stage, you can believe every other candidate will enjoy taking him down a couple notches.

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