Sanders: Hillary Calling For More Debates a Flip-Flop: "Clinton Campaign Does Not Run The World"


Bernie Sanders criticizes Hillary Clinton for changing her mind and now agreeing to more debates. Sanders says Clinton is only for having more debates because the poll numbers have tightened up. Sanders said he would agree to more debates if they would be during primetime instead of weekend evenings.

KASIE HUNT, NBC NEWS: Why won't you commit to doing a debate in New Hampshire when the Clinton campaign says they want it do one?

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS: Because the Clinton campaign does not run will world. It is not my job to do what the Clinton campaign wants me to do. Here is the irony. Three or four months ago the Clinton campaign did not want more debates. In fact the rules from the DNC were written without any input from me at all and many observers thinks they were written to benefit the Clinton campaign.

As you remember from day one, I said, let's have more debates. And on prime time, not Saturday evenings when people are not watching TV. Now what we're seeing is Clinton people want more debates. That's great. Let's do more debates. Let's do at least three more debates in the months to come. Just because Hillary Clinton now find that race has tightened up and she says she wants to do more debates, that's not a reason why I have to do it. But, because I'm a nice guy and I like debates, if she agrees to more debates later on, we will do it.

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