Scarborough Won't Shut Door On Running On Trump Ticket


In a heated back and forth with radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt this evening, Joe Scarborough would not take off the table running as Trump's vice president. While Scarborough was hesitant he did not give a Shermanesque denial.

HUGH HEWITT:All right, now I have a high cotton question for you. This is a serious question.


HH: I tell people I really believe if Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination, your phone, Joe Scarborough, is going to ring, and he’s going to offer you the vice presidential nomination. Will you accept it?

JS: (laughing) Oh, I’ll take a weekend at Mar-A-Lago.

HH: But really…

JS: So I don’t know where you get that from?

HH: If he asks you, because it makes sense to me, it makes sense to me on a lot of different levels.

JS: Why does that make sense to you?

HH: He needs Florida. He needs someone who is media savvy. He needs someone that he gets along with relatively well and understands media. So if he asks, would you say yes?

JS: I mean, first of all, I mean, Donald Trump has, I think we all know, has about as much media savvy as anybody that’s been in politics for a long time. You always get me in trouble with questions like this, Hugh.

HH: But no, it’s not, it’s a fair question. I’m just asking…

JS: Nobody’s going to ask me to do anything but, like, take them to softball practice and baseball practice.

HH: If he did ask you, it’s just a hypo…it’s just an if. If he asked you, would you say yes?

JS: I don’t know. I don’t think he would ask me.

HH: I know.

JS: Trump, you know, again, you always get me in trouble with these questions. So let’s move on.

HH: No, Joe, pause with me for a second. It makes perfect sense. You’re not the first person I’ve told this to. I have told a number of people Trump will ask Scarborough to be his running mate for a whole variety of reasons, especially Florida. And you’re not a stranger to Virginia, and you know your way around politics. So just, really, would you say yes?

JS: Oh, you know, I will say this, and I’ve said this on the air, and so this is not really any secret at all. I’ll do anything that will get, will stop us from eight more years like the past eight years we’ve had.

HH: Amen. And so if that included saying yes, you’d say yes?

JS: I mean, I think I’d put myself in your category. I would do just about anything to try to get the White House back.

HH: All right, that’s a yes. I mean, that’s a yes, Joe.

JS: No, it’s not a yes. You tried this before with, I think, Senator here or Senator there, but anyway…

HH: I have. You know, I’m always trying to get Joe Scarborough out of…

JS: You’re telling me this is why I walked away from dinner with my kids, to not answer this question?

HH: You did answer. You’d say yes. That was not Shermanesque. I heard a yes there, and people will be writing about it tomorrow, and they’ll start to think about it. And when it happens, in Cleveland, if Trump is the nominee and Scarborough’s the VP, they will look back and say Hewitt called that in January.

JS: You’re a very funny guy. I will say this, though. In January, you talked about media savvy. Can we just stop for one second and really think about how Donald Trump, like Ronald Reagan, has feasted on the political bones and economic bones of everybody who has ever underestimated him. And this latest move on Fox is about the most brilliant tactical move. I think, again, he always is three steps ahead of everybody else. We were talking to Lindsey Graham a couple of weeks ago. We went to the Kemp Forum. Paul Ryan asked me to go down and moderate and interview him, and we were talking to Lindsey down there in South Carolina. And Lindsey said, you know, I’ve got some issues with Donald Trump, but he’s the smartest guy I’ve ever seen in my political life, where every week, he is three steps ahead of us, and he figures out how to get the media to follow him. And he goes, he just walks around answering questions about Donald Trump.

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