Krauthammer: Sanders Natural Ideological Heir to Obama; Sanders An Open Social Democrat, Obama Governs as One


Charles Krauthammer on how comments President Obama recently made on a Politico podcast about Hillary Clinton is being perceived as an endorsement of the current Democratic presidential frontrunner. Krauthammer argues he did not see it as an endorsement and that Bernie Sanders is the natural heir to Barack Obama, not Hillary Clinton.

KRAUTHAMMER: I thought at the time that the interpretation that was made not just by Hillary but by the media that Obama had essentially endorsed her, I thought that was wrong. I thought he was trying to be balanced. I thought he was a little more effusive about Hillary because he could speak about her personally. After all, he worked with her. But I thought it was a fairly even handed statement. I think this is an obvious attempt to make sure that he rebalances the scale.

After all, I mean, I think the argument can be made, should be made, that Sanders is a natural heir ideologically to Obama and not Hillary. Hillary is wrapping herself in his ora because she thinks that associating herself with him is going to help her with the base. But clearly the affinity in terms of political philosophy is between Obama who is essentially a social Democrat and Sanders who is openly a social Democrat.

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