Clinton Spokesman: Sanders Turning "Into Someone Who Is Less Simon & Garfunkel And More Karl Rove"


Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon talks to MSNBC about Hillary Clinton's chances in Iowa and New Hampshire, her need to fundraise and the threat of primary opponent Bernie Sanders.

"I hope he rejects the advice of his political consultants because I think they are trying to turn Bernie Sanders into someone who's less Simon and Garfunkel and more Karl Rove, and it's unfortunate," Fallon told NBC's Andrea Mitchell.

Fallon offered some friendly advice to the rival campaign, telling them to stick with Simon & Garfunkel:

I'd stick with Simon & Garfunkel, it's catchy. It's uplifting. That's the Bernie Sanders that a lot of Democrats have rallied around, and I - if I were him, that's the image I'd want to be projecting in these final days. Not sure why they're deviating from that.

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