Clinton: Sanders Pointing Out My Goldman Sachs Speeches Almost Goes Over The Line


MATTHEWS: Well, when he uses phrases like -- dark phrases like "you can draw your own conclusions" as to whether you’re in hock to Goldman Sachs or anyone, is that -- is that a low blow? You can draw your own conclusions?

CLINTON: Well, I think he’s trying to go to the line without going over it, and you know, clearly some of the journalists covering us are starting to notice and call him out on it. But I feel very positive and energized by what I’m seeing happening here in Iowa. And I know that I have the best plan to rein in Wall Street abuses, to make sure it doesn’t ever happen again. Lots of folks from Barney Frank to Paul Krugman have said that’s the case, because I don’t just go after the big banks. You know, we already have the authority to do that under Dodd-Frank, and I have said I would use that authority if they were posing a systemic risk to our economy.

But equally importantly, we’ve got to go after the shadow banking sector. You know, let’s forget, Lehman Brothers, AIG, Countrywide... And let’s also remind people, Chris, that clearly the billionaires, as Bernie likes to say, the billionaires have chosen sides. They’re running ads against me and trying to, you know, kind of hoodwink Democrats into voting against me because they know exactly what I will do because they’ve seen me in action.

So whether it’s, you know, Karl Rove or the hedge fund guys with their own super PAC, or Joe Ricketts jumping in now with a kind of ham-handed effort to look like he was, you know, going against Bernie when the real point was to, you know, stir opposition to me. I take that as perversely flattering and as the single best reputation (sic) of what Senator Sanders is trying to imply.

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