Trump: No Senators Have Endorsed Cruz, But Has Support Of "Whack Job" Glenn Beck; "He Doesn't Tell The Truth"


DONALD TRUMP: Well I don't know. I assume it's close in Iowa. That's the one place where it's close. It could very well be close. I think we're going to do great in Iowa. But you never know. I think Iowa is the one place that's close. Every other state I'm leading by a lot. I just left New Hampshire last night. It's unbelievable the lead up there. I hit 40 or 42 points up there. I think the only place where we could be close is Iowa. I see it both ways. I see we're either close or I have very big leads. Because I saw some polls yesterday where we have a very big lead.

But I think Ted is a nasty guy. People don't like him, at all. He has got all of these senators, Republican senators, he doesn't have support of one of them. He gets a whacko like this Glenn Beck who is always -- every time I see him, he is crying, he's like so emotional. What a mess! And he gets a whack job like Glenn Beck to support him, which is, I think, a negative, not a positive. I think Ted has some problems. He doesn't tell the truth.

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