Giuliani: Unions Will Back Trump Because He Can Create Jobs Like Reagan, Blacks Will Support Him


Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani explains why he is choosing Donald Trump over Sen. Ted Cruz in a Tuesday night appearance on Megyn Kelly's FOX News show. Giuliani said Cruz is "too right-wing and rigid" and would be unable to win the northeast and west. Giuliani believes Trump can reach out to Reagan Democrats, black voters and Latino voters.

Giuliani cited a meeting he had with an African-American union leader in New York City who admitted he would be supporting Trump because he will bring jobs. He said Trump can attract the black vote because he does not carry the "burden" that the Republican party is anti-black.

"Donald is the more practical guy," Giuliani explained. "I have to tell you, he's a personal friend. Four of the candidates are personal friends. I love them all, hard to pick. I don't know who I'm going to endorse, but between Trump and Cruz, Cruz is too right wing and rigid. He will give away the northeast, gone... Maryland up to Maine, gone. California up to Washington, Oregon, gone."

"I'll give you one person I just had dinner with, the head of the Correction Workers Union (COBA) in New York, Norman Seabrook. African-American, enormously well respected. He said to me tonight, 'I'm endorsing Donald Trump, because he can get jobs,'" the former NYC mayor said.

"Donald Trump can do what Ronald Reagan did," Giuliani argued. "He can reach over and get Reagan Democrats. He can also get African-Americans, believe it or not, Latinos... blacks have this feeling about the Republican party that we're anti-black, anti-Hispanic. We're not. But they have that feeling. He doesn't carry that burden with him. He could reach over and he could be an enormously powerful general election candidate."

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