Gergen: Trump Did The Right Thing To Ditch Debate, FOX "Stepped Over A Line"


Political advisor and commentator David Gergen defends Donald Trump for dropping out of the FOX News Republican presidential debate this Thursday. Gergen said the network insulted Trump which gave him ample reason to say "to hell with this."

"I think Roger Ailes put out a press release that was insulting to Donald Trump," Gergen said on CNN. "And, you know, and he walked away from it. He said, if you're going to treat me like this, how do I know I'm not going to be sabotaged in the debate. How do I know you're not going to try to take me down in the debate. You can't expect to come me and help your ratings if you're going to insult me in public."

"I think he's got a strong argument for not to come... if it was about Megyn Kelly, he had to go. But if they insult you from a news organization, you have ample reasoning to say, to hell with this," Gergen said.

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