Trump: Glenn Beck A "Weird Dude" Who Is "Always Crying"


Donald Trump hit back at Glenn Beck at a Monday night campaign rally in Farmington, New Hampshire. Glenn Beck, who endorsed Ted Cruz this weekend, had called Trump a "dangerous man" on CNN this morning.

TRUMP: So, Cruz has a lot of problems. The last poll just came out and it's like amazing. In Iowa, I went way up; he went way down. He's falling. He's nervous, he's concerned, and he should be.

It's interesting. A magazine, which is a failing magazine, the National Review.

[crowd boos]


They did something that I think was quite stupid. They came out -- one guy came out asking me for money, he got some deal and wants money.

Another one wants me to be on his radio show and I couldn't do it. I just couldn't do it -- his show. Glenn Beck calls me, 'Be on my show! Be on my show!' Every time I see him, he's a weird guy. He's always crying. He's a weird dude. His show is failing, by the way, so is his deal.

He gets fired from FOX... has his own show. Everyone thought it was going to be good. It's a total -- it looks like it's a bomb, okay? But that's okay. He wants me to be on his show. I would have done it, actually. But I couldn't, because of time and everything else. And then you go to number one and your people start thinking -- and this is true with everybody -- your people start thinking how great you are. I don't think how great I am...

All of a sudden he starts blasting me. Once he blasts me I don't want to go on his show anymore, right? So he blasts me. If I would have done his show, I would have had no problem. But because I didn't do his show he writes a little article.

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