Rumsfeld: Donald Trump Has "Touched A Nerve In Our Country"


Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld weighed in on the Donald Trump candidacy on Monday morning's Today Show.

"I see someone who has a touched a nerve in our country," Rumsfeld said.

MATT LAUER, NBC NEWS: As you watch what's unfolding as a conservative Republican, do you see Donald Trump as someone who can unite and broaden the party, or do you see someone who is going to divide the party?

DONALD RUMSFELD: I see someone who has touched a nerve in our country. He's called people to respond in a way that most politicians have not been able to do. The fact that Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are able to draw 10,000, 15,000, 30,000 people to hear them speak, says there's something going on in our country that they're appealing to in a very interesting, unusual way.

Full interview:

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