Trump: Blacks "Going To Like Me Better Than They Like Obama. Truth Is Obama Has Done Nothing For Them"


HOWARD KURTZ, MEDIABUZZ: If you are the nominee and you are not just trying to appeal to republican primary voters, will you tone down your rhetoric a bit? Will you reach out to minorities more?

DONALD TRUMP: Oh absolutely. I think I am going to do great with the African American minority. You know if you look at minorities, the African American poll came out - I was at 25%. No republican has been above seven or eight percent. I am going to do great witht eh African Americans. I think i am going to do great with the Hispanics. I think I am going to do great with the Asians. Howie -
KURTZ: But you said absolutely. Do you mean absolutely you are going to take a little bit different approach...

TRUMP: Well maybe

KURTZ: .. as the general election nominee?

TRUMP: I don't know if I want to change so much. Look, the African Americans love me because they know I am going to bring back jobs.

KURTZ: Not all African Americans.

TRUMP: Look at what happened, as an example, with African American youth. Fifty-four percent, 58% -- they don't even know it's so high. They can't get jobs. Look at African-American people in their prime - 30s and 40s and 50s - look at their unemployment rate. They want jobs. They are going to like me better than they like Obama. The truth is Obama has done nothing for them.

KURTZ: Wait....

TRUMP: He's African American. He's done nothing for them.

KURTZ: Did you just say African Americans are going to like you better than the first African-American president?

TRUMP: I think that relatively speaking - I mean he does have a slight advantage in all fairness- but I think relatively speaking when I am finished I think they will absolutely love Donald Trump. I am going to bring back jobs. I am going to create wealth for the country. People are going to partake. We are going to take back jobs from China, from Japan, Mexico, from all these countries that ripping us off and African Americans are going to benefit. And by the way, Hispanics are going to benefit. I have now thousands of Hispanics that work for me. I have had tens of thousands over my lifetime that have worked for me. These are great people. They want jobs.

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