Sanders: I Don't Support Reparations For Slavery "For The Same Reason" As Barack Obama


In response to questions from Atlantic columnist Ta-Nahesi Coates, Bernie Sanders defends his position opposing reparations for descendants of slaves.

CHUCK TODD: Well, you have been calling for political revolution. And there have been some critiques of it, though, that you’re sort of narrow in where you call for revolution. Ta-Nehisi Coates, one of the more respected thinkers in the civil rights movement these days, wrote in The Atlantic, “Why aren’t you for reparations because of slavery for African Americans when you’re calling for economic justice on so many other levels? Why do you stop short on that issue?”

BERNIE SANDERS: Well, for the same reason that Barack Obama has and the same reason I believe that Hillary Clinton has. And that is, it is absolutely wrong and unacceptable that we have so much poverty in this country and it is even worse in the African American community. That African American kids, between 17 and 20, who graduate high school, have unemployment rates and underemployment rates of 51 percent.

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