National Review Editor Rich Lowry on "Conservatives Against Trump"


National Review editor Rich Lowry speaks with Fox News Channel's Megyn Kelly about his magazine's cover story this week: Conservatives Against Trump.

RICH LOWRY, NATIONAL REVIEW: One big takeaway from what we’re doing – it’s not the establishment necessarily that is opposing Donald Trump. You have a bunch of lobbyists on K Street right now hiding under their desks, figuring out how they can deal with Trump or perhaps co-opt him.

And the point we’re making is that for conservatives, Donald Trump — whatever his virtues are -- doesn’t truly understand the ideas and principles that make this country great. It’s up to those conservatives to stand up and say, ‘No, sorry. We oppose this guy.’


If you truly are conservative, you believe in ideas and in principles. It’s not just attitudes. It’s not just who you dislike.

It’s limited government. It’s the Constitution. It’s liberty.

Those are the things that truly make this country special. And they are basically afterthoughts to Donald Trump. He almost never talks about them. And if you’re truly a conservative, you have a consistent record. We all change our minds on a few things every now and then when the facts change. But he has been on the other side on big hot-button defining issues like abortion, gun control, taxes and even immigration...

Ronald Reagan spent about 30 or 40 years marinating in conservative thought and advocating for conservative ideas. He just didn’t show up one day and say, ‘Hey, now I’m a conservative.'

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