National Review Columnist John Fund: "William F. Buckley Knew Donald Trump, And Didn't Like Him"


National Review columnist John Fund speaks to CNN about the magazine's extended editorial condemning Donald Trump as not a conservative.

JOHN FUND: We have written a lot of columns, that have not gotten as much attention as this, since he annoucned in June we have been on this beat.

Now that the people are going to be voting, it is important for us to be involved in the debate.

CNN HOST CAROL COSTELLO: In a way, some analysts might say, you're playing right into Donald Trump's hands, because people who support Donald Trump, they don't like the establishment?

JOHN FUND: Carol, you know the job of journalists is to tell the truth and present facts, that is all we're doing. We have our facts, and Donald Trump has his, except most of his turn out to be wrong.

COSTELLO: Donald Trump might look at your article and say, well, that is your opinion.

FUND: Well, yeah, except he gets it wrong consistently, he makes stuff up. At the debate he has been caught telling whoppers. Lately, he doesn't even know we're a magazine and that William F. Buckley would have liked him.

William F. Buckley knew Donald Trump, and he didn't like him.

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