Trump: Karl Rove's "Hatred" Of Me Is "Like A Boiler Waiting To Explode"


Donald Trump ripped Karl Rove at a campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma this afternoon that featured former Gov. Sarah Palin.

TRUMP: Karl Rove, this guy he predicted -- he thinks Romney won the election. Remember? Romney won. He won. I'm telling you. They had to take him off the air in a basket. This guy -- and he's -- everything. I had a poll that was so incredible. I was killing everybody. Like a month ago. He is on television saying, 'Well, it can change. It doesn't mean that much. It can change.' He couldn't hold his breath. He is like a boiler waiting to explode. The hatred. The hatred. It's establishment. Because I'm not taking anybody's money. I don't want their money. They don't control me. I'm doing when's right for you.

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